Our passion for B2B

SalesQ is a full-service B2B sales agency based in Haarlem. Outsource acquisition or sales? We do what we are good at: sales, acquisition, lead generation, account management and contact care, in the broadest sense of the word. We take care of part or the entire sales process for companies. From pre-sales and sales, to after sales. We make calls, are good at telemarketing and achieve results in hot and cold acquisition. Our professional team (minimum HBO work and thinking level) moves quickly in your company and product. They call without a fixed script and take responsibility for their accounts. SalesQ operates internationally and calls with native speakers in Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Do you want to outsource lead generation, sales or contact care? Then you have come to the right team.

Meet our team

Our people make the difference. The SalesQ team consists of a nice mix of young and experienced professionals. We approach your goals like a top athlete and, after thorough preparation, we dedicate ourselves to action. We constantly train for better performance and celebrate our successes.


Do you want to join our team?

Send us an email with your motivation and we will invite you for a conversation!

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De SalesQ Methode

At SalesQ, quality comes first and within all our projects, quality also applies to all our agents. Where success with our agents can be measured by numbers only (number of calls per hour, number of successful leads and much more), we also measure success in growth and development. And this is where the SalesQ Method comes in.

The SalesQ Method is partly inspired by Nik Wallenda, who as King of the High Ropes literally has to keep his balance to reach his goal. We find balance extremely important with the SalesQ method and we have divided it into four parts:

  • Knowledge & Skills
  • Guts
  • Authenticity
  • Passion

We believe that our agents should find the right balance in these parts, because an agent can have a lot of knowledge and skills, but as soon as passion is missing, this is at the expense of contact moments with the customer.

Continuously developing our agents in these four areas will contribute to their professional and personal growth. And growth is what SalesQ stands for!

Our vision

SalesQ proudly inspires people and companies to continuously improve because we believe that to make progress people and companies must be prepared to take on difficult challenges.​

Our mission

Our mission is to help countless companies at home and abroad to be competitive and grow, educating the stars of tomorrow.​

Our core values


We deliver more than we promise


Quality over quantity



Transparent, honest and direct

Our method

  • 1 Introductory meeting
  • 2 Intake
  • 3 Build campaign
  • 4 Kick-off training
  • 5 Implementation
  • 6 Final evaluation
1 Introductory meeting

Introductory meeting

If you are considering partnering with SalesQ as a full-service sales agency and you still have questions, schedule an introductory meeting. During the introductory meeting, our Commercial Manager will be happy to provide you with further information about the services and solutions we can offer you and to answer all your questions.

2 Intake


The intake is the official start of the campaign, in which all important topics are discussed to make the campaign a success. Think of the proposition, target groups, objectives and other practical matters.

3 Build campaign

Build campaign

After the intake, SalesQ needs about 10 working days to prepare the campaign. We set up the construction software, collect and enrich any data, select agents, write the pitch and more.

4 Kick-off training

Kick-off training

Next is the kick-off training. This is when the customer and the agents meet for the first time, and more importantly, the customer provides training to our agents. Immediately after the kick-off, SalesQ starts approaching the first prospects! You can listen in with our agents and give feedback, on which the process can be adjusted and fine-tuned.

5 Implementation


You can expect transparent communication from us during the campaign and you will receive an extensive report every two or three weeks. You will also be in close contact with the Project Manager and we will discuss the results. Based on this, we adjust the objectives and course of action.

6 Final evaluation

Final evaluation

After the campaign there will be an extensive evaluation with regard to the campaign, which will hopefully lead to a nice sequel!