Pre Sales

How do you get more leads? Without pre-sales, the job of salespeople is much more difficult, if not impossible. SalesQ advises and supports customers in actively and sales-oriented processing of their market. We map out potential customers (prospects). Your sales department receives up-to-date customer files, classified leads or ready-made sales agreements. This allows your sales team to work more effectively and efficiently. SalesQ helps to compile a file with prospects, generate leads and make appointments for representatives.

Our clients in pre-sales

Why you should choose SalesQ?

SalesQ is a reliable partner through years of experience. We always go the extra mile, which is also apparent from our call registration. While most sales agencies make 80 call attempts per person per day, we do 160 per person per day. SalesQ is your partner because:

  • We approach every project like a top athlete.
  • We have a lot of experience with complex propositions aimed at high-end decision makers.
  • Our people are our strength: we invest in good training and ensure that they keep raising the bar for you.
  • We work internationally and are ISO certified so that privacy and quality are well guaranteed and in line with all new legislation.

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Market applications

  • Gather qualitative customer information
  • Data delivery & data enrichment
  • Sales-oriented adaptation of the market
  • Create customer appointments

  • Lead-generation
  • Leadnurturing
  • Register prospects for events
  • Taking care of registrations for events

Customer databases

In the last 10 years, SalesQ has worked hard to improve customer databases keep them up-to-date on a daily basis. For this we not only use people with the right knowledge and skills, but also modern applications. Your questions will be filled in as much as possible. If necessary, we submit these specifically to a database, based on various sources. We are ISO certified (9001 and 27001) which guarantees a safe way of working.

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By lead generation, we mean the activities that bring you into contact with potential customers. We identify contacts who qualify for your product, find the right contact details and approach people by telephone. Every campaign starts with good consultation about your goals and wishes. We investigate possibilities and expectations based on our knowledge and underlying data. Together we discuss the 'plan the campaign' and train designated agents on your proposition.

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Our method

  • 1 Introductory meeting
  • 2 Intake
  • 3 Build campaign
  • 4 Kick-off training
  • 5 Implementation
  • 6 Final evaluation
1 Introductory meeting

Introductory meeting

If you are considering partnering with SalesQ as a full-service sales agency and you still have questions, schedule an introductory meeting. During the introductory meeting, our Commercial Manager will be happy to provide you with further information about the services and solutions we can offer you and to answer all your questions.

2 Intake


The intake is the official start of the campaign, in which all important topics are discussed to make the campaign a success. Think of the proposition, target groups, objectives and other practical matters.

3 Build campaign

Build campaign

After the intake, SalesQ needs about 10 working days to prepare the campaign. We set up the construction software, collect and enrich any data, select agents, write the pitch and more.

4 Kick-off training

Kick-off training

Next is the kick-off training. This is when the customer and the agents meet for the first time, and more importantly, the customer provides training to our agents. Immediately after the kick-off, SalesQ starts approaching the first prospects! You can listen in with our agents and give feedback, on which the process can be adjusted and fine-tuned.

5 Implementation


You can expect transparent communication from us during the campaign and you will receive an extensive report every two or three weeks. You will also be in close contact with the Project Manager and we will discuss the results. Based on this, we adjust the objectives and course of action.

6 Final evaluation

Final evaluation

After the campaign there will be an extensive evaluation with regard to the campaign, which will hopefully lead to a nice sequel!

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PAY ATTENTION! We do not accept no-cure no-pay orders or initiatives aimed at consumers. The minimum budget required for a campaign is approximately €2.000,- per month (excl. VAT) with a minimum duration of 4 months.


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