Grow faster with retention management

If customers stay with you longer, you grow faster. It is therefore very valuable to invest in your current customers. Plus, it's seven times cheaper than finding new leads. SalesQ is specialized in customer contact. We help you to give existing customers more personal attention. That way they get a better feeling and stay with you longer.

Retention management: what exactly do we do for you?

The right After Sales is a first step towards the next sale. Don't let this slip out of your hands. By contacting before the contract expires, measuring customer satisfaction or running an activation campaign, you retain customers for a longer period of time.

Our clients in retention management

Why you should choose SalesQ?

SalesQ is a reliable partner through years of experience. We always go the extra mile, which is also apparent from our call registration. While most sales agencies make 80 call attempts per person per day, we do 160 per person per day. SalesQ is your partner because:

  • We approach every project like a top athlete.
  • We have a lot of experience with complex propositions aimed at high-end decision makers.
  • Our people are our strength: we invest in good training and ensure that they keep raising the bar for you.
  • We work internationally and are ISO certified so that privacy and quality are well guaranteed and in line with all new legislation.

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SalesQ helps with retention management in the following ways:

  • Carrying out upsell or cross-sell campaigns;
  • Renewing subscriptions and/or contracts;
  • Encouraging repeat purchases;
  • Doing activation campaigns;
  • Conducting satisfaction surveys.

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PAY ATTENTION! We do not accept no-cure no-pay orders or initiatives aimed at consumers. The minimum budget required for a campaign is approximately €2.000,- per month (excl. VAT) with a minimum duration of 4 months.

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